Architectural muse
Collaborative project
| Artist | Gregory Lysak |
| Sculptor | Vladimir Brodarsky |
| Photographer | Dmitry Stelmah |
| Art expert | Anna Piotrovskaya |
The installation was created exclusively for an exhibition in the Museum of Contemporary Art Erarta.
Architectural elements are integrated with the sculpture. The installation introduces the viewer to an allegorical figure. We see something we should not have — the imagination of the artist, the architect; their muse. This is the tangible substance of an irreal object.
Restoration debris is used as a sculptural medium to create a mythic image that represents the deformation of the architectural muse of bygone era. The project addresses the sensitive issue of gradually vanishing architecture of the 19th century with its unique architectural traditions, aesthetics and achievements.
© 2021 Григорий Лысак
Дизайн и разработка: Анна Гласс
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