A story in the flesh VOL 1
Collaborative projecT
| Artist | Gregory Lysak |
| Sculptor | Vladimir Brodarsky |
| Photographer | Dmitry Stelmah |
| Model | Ekaterina Pravdina |
| Makeup | Tatyana Perova |
| Video | Michael Perov |
| Light | Ivan Volkov |
| Art expert | Anna Piotrovskaya |
"A story in the flesh" is a subject that permeates through the space of art forms and the prism of time.
Living flesh is captured on camera. The essence of architecture is represented by a female figure. What the viewer sees is neither a painting nor a synthesis of sculpture and artistic surface. This is the personification of the fate of an architectural object that disintegrates as time wears on, in a form of a living body.
Reinterpretation and personification gives additional historical endurance to the architectural and informational backdrop of the past.
© 2021 Григорий Лысак
Дизайн и разработка: Анна Гласс
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